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English camps for adolescents – English Immersions for adults

Langue & Nature specialises in total English and French language immersions for adults, and intensive English courses for teenagers. This unique linguistic concept has been developed over the past 30 years by Aude le Marié and provides participants with the tools to improve their grammar, unlock their spoken language skills and regain self-confidence.

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French Immersion

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French Executive Immersion


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Language as a medium

Language is a tool which enables you to live, meet, work, enjoy, discover……………………..

Our activities are therefore designed to replicate potential professional and every-day situations. This includes one to one negotiations as well as group debates and discussions. We also include some informal conversations to develop the participants’ social skills in French.

An element of networking is also  included; getting to know the French way of life is a key to understanding  and, consequently, making progress in French.

Certification of quality of the language course

Language & Nature is an ISQ OPQF certified training organisation. This confirms that the methods used during our French immersions have been audited and validated by experts in further education. We take great care to provide language courses which enable our students to achieve measurable and sustainable progress.

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